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Your Va Mentor

Are you a VA starting out new in the VA industry and looking for a VA Mentor?  This industry was not very developed 10 years ago, but now it’s growing , and more and more each day people are really flocking to any sort of information they can get there hands on, just to make sure they are lining them self up correctly. It can feel like a rat race.  There’s an influx of VA’s coming into our industry without the proper set up and awareness of how to run a business online for themselves.

I was one of those Va’s that started from a brick and mortar business in  the Construction Industry which was NICHE. Me and my husband decided to move abroad and  I crawled onto Elance, got my first job in my Niche which brought me $250. Then from that point on I was sold.  Though I no longer need freelance marketplaces to get jobs this is where I got my start. I have always been the type of worker that was able to walk into any office even though it was a mess and clean it up, give it structure and order.

I see a huge growth in Niche VA’s over the next 5- 1o years.   I am offering to extend myself to Va’s  who may need that guidance. You will be apart of my inner circle. So if you are ready then so am I.

Consistency is important. I devote all my time to grow my business. My drive is very present in all that I do. So I look for Va’s that have the same passion and interests in there craft as I do. There’s a difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it.

There is never a time really when we as VA’s are not learning or trying to better our business. These are some of the main topics most VA’s do face in there business. No matter which stage you are at in your business,  you will meet these at least once if not more in your business. There is a 30 minute Consult I give to everyone which is Free.

  • Your Va Business Plan
  • Your Rates & Pricing for Services you offer
  • Your Niche Specialization
  • Developing your Client funnel
  • Your Marketing / Email & Social Media Plan
  • Becoming a thought leader by blogging
  • Networking/Referrals and Affiliate Programs
  • Restructuring your business if you are already a VA
  • Your VA Online 3rd party tools (discovery)

*Note all sessions are recorded and sent to you

You can’t fast forward “experience” this is something that is learned. There is a finesse a seasoned VA has. This is shown over time. You got to have some cuts and bruises along the way, but they heal and they cause awareness and growth in your craft in your business. Most importantly never be afraid to try new things. You will fail sometimes, but having a mentor really gives you that guidance and constant support needed to develop your business and shield your falls a bit. Every Va Mentor is different in style, personality in their business. While I am a Va Mentor, you should know a big percentage of that Mentorship falls under accountability. I have a real rawness to me. While I am professional, my style of Mentorship has bits and pieces of my personality. I don’t cradle you, but I will nurture your drive , skill, determination and individuality. We will use your strengths you have and develop ones you grow into. The journey will be well worth it. I guarantee you will learn a lot. My goal is to prepare and guide you through your journey.

As a VA you never stop learning. You will always be growing because technology changes. You will always get 100 % straight talk with me.