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Lisa Buie-Collard Book Logo

What Exactly Makes Up Your Brand?

You are branding yourself all the time—whether you know it or not. When you design your website or blog, when you pick out business cards, when you establish a persona through which you communicate with readers, other authors, book reviewers, you are branding yourself. Really, any distinguishing characteristic can be the basis of a brand, if it’s emphasized consistently as part of your presentation. Brands establish trust and you  want that trust from your readers and your community. Your brand can be an expression of any part of your author presentation that ties people to your work.

What a wonderful journey this was with Lisa.  While I work on her designs for her book covers,  I also developed her branding as a self publisher. While we had a whole series to design on the back burner, including her social media and her website, Lisa wanted to focus on her branding. She was in  the process of revamping her “Evangeline’s Book Cover” which I was so glad to do . This was her first historical fiction book . Evangeline’s Miracle. Lisa had a keen love for anything Celtic and luckily they had some really great symbols for us to work with.  We started out with 3 logos. We both liked them all but I think we both gravitated towards the metallic turquoise one, but as you can see our final result was a much softer and more bold in color. You must know Lisa loves color and  is pretty graphical as an Author when it comes to her books. She’s out of the box in this regard. In the end we tweaked it and really made it Lisa’s Logo with a “on the fly session” with me. This is where we share screens and I work directly in Photoshop. She was able to finalize the design with my hands to guide and suggest.  What a wonderful experience  and just in time to pop it on her 2 books. For any Self Publishing Author, this is such a great way to brand yourself.










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