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Meet Natalie Spasic

I am truly your partner when it comes to helping you succeed in your business. While I work with a talented exceptional team, I also work directly with selective clients. My experience is extensive and combined with my graphic skills I am a force to be reckoned with . I have worked with many different business niches and with new and seasoned clients who know the ropes in working with a VA like myself and those who are ready to hand it all over and let me run the ship. However you do come to me, rest assured the process will be simple and smooth. You will always get the feeling I am engaged and responsive, not to mention working with someone like me you will never loose that one on one connection. There is no generic or disconnect feeling while working with me or my team. Honesty is my best policy and prefer it any working relationship.  We don’t really advertise our services online, we bid selectively on online platforms, but most of our work comes from referrals and social media. As clients are selective of who they work with, so are we. Our goal is not to attract thousands of people every month to our website. We are actually looking to attract and build  longterm relationships with the right clients. We  work very closely with our clients in the services we offer.

I am an American based in Europe in Belgrade, Serbia. I work with clients really who require a more one on one concierge approach. OfficeManager4u started out as a solo gig, but due to the demand and trend in services we were seeing with our clients we have added more professional services and a team that specialized in various other business services. We work within our policies and terms and  always remain professional in our work ethic. Do contact me for a free consultation and let’s see how I can help you in your business.

Natalie Spasic

Owner and Creative Consultant

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