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Ready to retain a book publicist?

Most of my clients know me as OfficeManager4u. I run a online creative multi service business for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. I operate as a small botique. I work with a very talented team of individuals including myself who also acts as a business manager, consultant and graphic designer. I work with many different clients globally that are in need of a more custom one on one approach in assisting them in a wide variety of  business services. I also work with  Authors. My background is in marketing, branding,  social media and graphic design. Along with that I have a particular Niche in book designing. Most of my Authors needed more then just book cover design. They needed help  press releases, social media management, recruitment and book promotion. The more I dove into the industry the more I learned about Authors, publishers and the book industry in particular.  It is a great time to be a self publishing Author.

There is a lot more book discovery tools out there that are able to connect you with your readers these days. The industry is evolving. Even traditional publishing houses are having to adjust to the new trends in technology. Anyone can publish these days, but not everyone is successful in sales of their book and not everyone will succeed as a published Author. This is where having a book publicist can help. If you are an Author who treats there Authorship like it’s a business, in mind site, you will have the stamina and fortitude to succeed in marketing your book. I work with Authors who have a passion for their work and no matter if they get signed or not will still write because it’s in their veins.

This is the next big step in getting your book out there. You may be asking yourself do I need a book publicist? There are loads of books published every year, and only a fraction of them are reviewed. Of those books reviewed, most, if not all, are released by major publishing houses. Ever tried promoting your book yourself? These days you need a social media manager and VA just to help your book keep afloat there along with the rest. Competition is fierce out there. You got to decide if you are that 99 cent lotion bottle that sits next to other brand name lotions that  are priced higher. This is what separates the hopeful Authors from the Authors that treat there book like a product and market them well.

Here’s the truth, while everyone wants to be published by the big 6 not everyone will be. There is a way the inside of the book business runs and they are filled with many Literary Agents  and book publicists that are promoting your book and getting it seen by publishers, the media, your fans etc.

But these days it’s not a bad thing to be a  self publisher.  The industry is changing and now self publishers can make a good living on their books if they have a professional website and can man the social media and create visibility. Self Publishers have more options and resources now to get there book out there.

Isn’t it amazing now that you have finally got your book published! For most this was every self publisher dream about. You might notice your contract you signed only covers the advance you get for each book and usually the royalty rights off each book per sale. Or you are with a small press or vanity press where you pretty much pay for your own cover and split the royalties 50/50 . Even then you still got to seek out your readership and keep the ones that are fans hungry for more. The journey does not stop there. All the Authors I know  still manage their social media presence and still tour on book signings and interviews.

A publisher really cares about their bottom line, which are sales, they may give you that exposure you need to get those sales, but then who manages your readers? We all know there needs to be a level on engagement with your fan base to keep them hungry and interested. No one will care more about your book then you.

Types of Services Offered

  • Create a Book Schedule Launch
  • Setup Virtual Book Tours
  • Acquire endorsements
  • Oversee editing of the book and recruitment of technical or design professionals (Team)
  • Edit the author’s biography and the book’s synopsis
  • Create and submit galleys, ARC’s, media kits and query letters
  • Design, create and activate the author’s social networking profiles
  • Request and submit for professional book reviews plus free niche book review bloggers
  • Scheduling of local radio and local television interviews
  • Schedule local or long distance book events
  • Encourage and submit nomination of the title for book awards
  • Website Maintenance and blog management
  • Research & Recommend venues with high traffic author events
  • Leverage the interest of special audiences & book groups
  • Create Query Letters and Media Kit
  • Create book trailers, custom illustration and Web & Print Graphics
You may have alot of additional questions or perhaps you would like to know more. The next  step would be to schedule an appointment with me which is a free consult.  Each project is priced as a custom quote depending on the level of service you may need.
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