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Book Designing with Natalie


If your are in need of a book designer/graphic artist that is creative and understands the in’s and out of working with publishers and other online tools such as Create Space, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble etc.. then I am  happy to be of service. I have grown a particular love interests in book designing. I am already an artists by hobby,  but when I got into graphic art,  wow.. digital art really opened up so many doors creatively  for me. Having a Professional Book Cover is ESSENTIAL when marketing your book. Remember over 60 % of people are visual learners. If you are a self publishing author and you treat your books like a  real business you should understand the competition out there. Your book has to look and read like a book that comes out of a publishing house. Every part matters in launching a book, from writing, editing, typsetting, design and promotion. It’s like going through the assembly line for a product being manufactured. Your book is as such. If you are a serious Author, building that team is essential. You have to work with professionals in this industry that are professionals and love what they do.

One of my first clients that I had who was a new Author,  Mrs.  Danice Akiyoshi. I was  to design her first book cover for her Romance trilogy series. She is a contemporary romance author and coach/naturopathic doctor. The journey has been rewarding. In my research and through my observations of various Authors books and websites, I  saw that most were cookie cutter template’s websites with there book covers poorly designed. In my normal day to day business we focus on marketing, branding in the various services  we provide. In business we see all the parts that are needed to launch a brand, build and image and the grit work that goes along  with ongoing support in the creative and the technical. I don’t generally advertise my services. Generally I am found in groups online or forums that are more niche based.  You will get the idea that I love working with people who are passionate about there work or in this case writing. Many clients always ask me  do you ever sleep? While I am located in Europe, I still connect with people around the globe comfortably. I love my job. I am an entrepreneur at heart. My days starts like most writers, at the home office with a cup of  Joe. Hand to computer as like pen to paper. I still love a traditional book  in hand when I read. How about you? The age of technology always is advancing. What a rat race! with all the things someone must do just to launch their book.

I found the creative journey very rewarding .  There is  a plus here working with me. I am fluent in all sorts of business services and marketing, social media. My suggestions and guidance can go along with just the creation of your book. Individually as a person I am completely organized and have great oversight when it comes to details in any given project.

My Creative Process

This is where we will go over your synopsis and decide on a design concept of the book or series graphically. We discuss the theme, incorporating elements, background, images, color, font, and more for the entire book. Now this sounds very simple, and it can be if you have an idea of what you want exactly, but if you don’t no worries, we will make sure your readers understand your theme of your book by incorporating a few strong elements that are heavily related to the book. If you have a vision for your book cover this is really an excellent place to start with me.

You will receive 2 mockups to choose from. We review which design to finalize in a “On the Fly” Session. We talk this through while we make changes live if needed . I found this is the best way to visually to complete some final touches.

We are there! In this stage you have received the finals with all the changes discussed in the Pre Bloom stage and you are ready to launch your book. You will receive not only the book cover but you will get a Ebook  Prop Version of your book so you can promote this on your multiple social platforms and your website.

Outside of work, I am a creative so you can imagine working with me. If you are not satisfied then guess what? back to the drawing board. When it comes to Art I know it may be difficult trying to get that  feel and look of the book to scream “READY to Publish” . I really do aim to please. In any book/ebook. I will provide a concept  and the design will follow. This is especially helpful when working with series of  books such as trilogy’s. You will be working with someone who loves there job and is a real passionate about there work and helping you and your Authorship succeed.

This process generally applies to any creative process I have when it comes to branding and any creative work I do. I help Authors bring there book to life.  If you are a small publisher please contact me directly if you would like to work with me directly.

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